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Shear-loc Thumb screw knobs


Q: What is the minimum quantity of knobs or thumb screws that I have to buy.

A: At the factory we have a 1000 piece O.E.M. minimum on most of the standard line. Please call 800-775-5668 with your specific requirement.  

Q: But I don't need a 1000 pieces can I buy a smaller quantity.

A: Yes Shear-Loc knobs are available through a world wide distribution network that can service your requirements from one piece to thousands of pieces. Call for your nearest distributor. 800-775-5668 

Q: We try to buy all our fasteners from one local source, Can they furnish the original Shear-Loc line of fasteners.

A: Yes, Have them call us at 800-775-5668 we'll be glad to work with them.

Q: Should I be concerned about bogus or copies of the original Shear-Loc line of fasteners.

A: Yes, There are several knock off's, just give us a call at 800-775-5668 and we will furnish you samples of the real thing, ( You will see the difference.)

Q: What type of glue do I need to fasten the knob to the screw?

A: No glue is required with the Shear-Loc process. You simply press the knob completely over the screw, this creates a "cold formed" junction between the knob and the screw.

Q: Just how strong is the connection between the knob and the screw.

A: If assembled properly the thumb screw will have more than adequate strength for most common hand manipulated applications.( Call 800-775-5668 for samples to test.)

Q: What is the stable temperature range for Shear-Loc knobs and what material are they made of.

A: Shear-Loc knobs are stable in temperatures ranging from freezing to 180�F, (caution not autoclavable) and are molded of acetal resin.

Q: Are Shear-Loc knobs made from a UV light stable material?

A: No. Shear-Loc knobs will fade when subjected to direct sun light,they may even take on a chalky appearance. For the most part this is a cosmetic problem and the thumbscrew should continue to function properly.( See what's new/etc page.)

Q: I have been told that some of the Shear-Loc line is offered in a natural color. What does that mean?

A: We stock most size knobs in natural material which has a milky white appearance and contains no color pigment. Call 800-775-5668 and ask for natural samples.

Q: In your catalog you mentioned that the thread class is 3A, can I get them with a 2A thread?

A: The Shear-Loc process utilizes a standard socket head cap screw that has a class 3A thread. They are  not available off the shelf with a 2A thread. This doesn't really pose much of a problem as long as the design  engineer is aware of it. Class 3A taps are extremely common and readily available. NOTE extra caution should be taken when the screw is to be plated as it could easily push the 3A thread out of tolerance.

Q: In what country of origin are the knobs and screw manufactured?

A:  The knobs are made in the U.S.A. and in most cases the screws are imported. If you also want the screws made in the U.S.A. we will be glad to source them for you. Call 800-775-5668 with your requirement.

Q: How can we be sure the standard line of Shear-Loc thumbscrews will function and endure on our current and planned products.

A: Ask for FREE test samples, Please don't assume  any component will satisfy your customers expectation without testing. Call 800-775-5668 and we'll send samples for testing today. (Hope to hear from you soon.)

Q: On socket head cap screws that are not fully threaded what is the minimum thread that the screw will have ?

A: Please refer to the table below for minimum thread lengths on SHCS.

Inch Screw size

Minimum thread length
# 4 3/4"
# 6 3/4"
# 8 7/8"
# 10 7/8"
1/4" 1"
5/16" 1 1/8"
3/8" 1 1/4"

Metric Screw size

Minimum thread length
3 mm 18mm
4 mm 20mm
6 mm 24mm
8 mm 28mm
10 mm 32mm

Knobs Manufactured in the U.S.A. by:

Shear-Loc Products under USA patent no. 5,017,068
and E.U. patent 0551295

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