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Shear-loc Thumb screw knobs
What's New/ Etc.

* Zinc  / Think Stainless.

Zinc and cad electroplated socket head cap screws have always had two inherent problems which are hydrogen embrittlement and the possibility of the class 3A thread diameter exceeding gage limits. You should always take in consideration that when a screw is plated that its pitch diameter will be increased by approximately 4 times the plating thickness. ( .0002 = .0008 ). To eliminate both of the above potential problems let us quote and furnish samples of our standard stainless screw line. For more information call 800-775-5668.

New / UV Stable Color

    Shear-Loc may soon offer black UV light stable knobs. We are now in the testing stage on such a material and will let you know via this what's new/etc. web page when ready. Call 800-775-5668 for progress.

Technical / # 12-24 and 12-28 Thumbscrews.

    On occasion we get requests for knobs to fit #12 socket head cap screws, This is possible using one of our standard size knobs but they require special handling. Call 800-775-5668 for details.

Technical / Specials

   We can also help you with engineering support on how to use standard Shear-Loc knobs on special machined parts and 3/8 diameter socket head shoulder screws. Call 800-775-5668 for technical aid.


    Don't forget to test before you invest. Just call 800-775-5668 and we'll be glad to furnish samples for testing.



Knobs Manufactured in the U.S.A. by:

Shear-Loc Products under USA patent no. 5,017,068
and E.U. patent 0551295

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