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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Factory direct OEM’s do have certain conditions regarding to minimums. Contact us.

Yes, Shear-Loc knobs are available through a world wide distribution network that can service your requirement from one piece to thousands of pieces. Contact us for your nearest distributor.

YES! There are several knock off imitations of our product. Contact us and we will furnish you free samples of the real thing. You will see the difference 50 years of experience makes.

No glue is required for the Shear-Loc cold-forming process. You simply press the knob completely over the screw with enough force to cold-form the knob and screw together. This creates a permanent junction between the knob and the screw.

When assembled properly, Shear-Loc cold-formed fasteners will have more than adequate strength for most common hand manipulated applications.

Contact us for free samples to test with your application.

Shear-Loc knobs are molded with acetal resin and have a stable temperature range starting from freezing up to 180ºF. (Not suitable for use with an autoclave).

No. Shear-Loc knobs will fade when subjected to direct sun light over time. They may even take on a chalky appearance. This effect is cosmetic and the product should continue to function properly. Note that grey is the least noticeable regarding the chalking effect.

We stock most size knobs in natural material which has a milky white appearance and contains no color pigment. Contact us and ask for “natural” color samples.

The Shear-Loc cold-forming process utilizes a standard socket head cap screw that has a class 3A thread.

When Zinc plated they will be on the high side of the tolerance. Take this into consideration with your application. Also note that black alloy screws will rust when exposed to moisture (think stainless instead).

Yes. Both our aluminum insert and machine tapped thumbnuts are compatible with class 3A male threads.

The knobs are made in the U.S.A. and in most cases the screws are imported. If you want the screws made in the U.S.A. we will be glad to source them for you. Contact us about your requirements.

Ask for FREE test samples! Rest assured that you will satisfy your customer’s expectations by testing our product with your application. Contact us and we’ll send you samples for testing today.

Please refer to the table below for minimum thread lengths on SHCS.

Some sizes are available with longer threads than the standard minimum thread. Contact us for availability.

Minimum Thread Length for SHCS

Yes, Shear-Loc knobs can assemble onto a head with a hole instead of a hex. Click here for dimensions that the head must adhere to for proper assembly.

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