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Food for Thought

Our customers find various uses for our product that sometimes transcend their typical use. The following are useful applications for our products discovered by us and our customers.

Have a special use for our product? Contact us with your idea for a chance to have it posted here. If we decide to display your idea we’ll give you 20% off your next order! In addition, we may add a link to your website for a period of 30 days with your permission.

Extra Long Thumbscrews

Need a thumbscrew with a thread longer than our standard offerings? Rest assured that Shear-Loc Knobs will fit any standard socket head cap screw, no matter the length.

Knobs Assembled Onto Custom Screws

No matter what your stud requirements are, as long as they have a standard socket head, there's a standard Shear-Loc Knob that will fit. Note that we are willing and able to assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto customer supplied special screws.

Thread-Lock Thumbscrew

Assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto socket head cap screws with thread locking elements applied to the threads to create a thread-lock thumbscrew.

Soft Tip Thumbscrew

Assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto socket head cap screws with a plastic tip attached to the end to create a non-marring soft tip thumbscrew.

All Plastic Thumbscrew

Assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto socket head cap screws made of nylon to make a non-marring, nonconductive thumbscrew.

Rubber Seal Thumbscrew

Use a standard rubber sealing washer with a Thumbscrew or Key Drive to create a low pressure seal or to prevent continuous vibrations from loosening the fastener.

Captive Thumbscrews

Assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto captive socket head cap screws to make captive thumbscrews.

Retainer Ring Captive Thumbscrews

Assemble Shear-Loc Knobs onto socket head cap screws with grooves cut into the threads to make retainer ring captive thumbscrews

Compact Driving Tool

Using a hydraulic press, you can cold form a 1/4" Shear-Loc Rosette Knob onto a 3/8" drive standard socket to create a compact driving tool.

You can use our in-house laser engraving service to order knobs with symbols, information, logos and unique designs such as this simulated carbon fiber texture.

Color Coded Ball Knob

Press our #4 Knurled Knob into our machine tapped Ball Knob to create a color coded fastener.

Ball Knob Pull Handle

Drive a wood screw through a Shear-Loc Ball Knob and into wood to create a makeshift pull handle.

Ball Knob Rope Handle

Slip a rope with a knot at the end through a Ball Knob to make a convenient rope pull.

Compact Hacksaw

Need to use a hacksaw in a confined space? Attach our Ball Key Drives and Thumbnuts to a hacksaw blade to create a compact hacksaw.

Lever Handles

Create a lever handle using a Shear-Loc male or female threaded ball knob.

These Shear-Loc Thumbscrews are used as adjustable feet, creating this light-duty, accurate leveling table by Sanbord Leveling Boards.

Pair our laser engraved, graduated thumbscrew along with a lock handle (not included) to lock down fine adjustments.

More to Come

We will periodically add more helpful application ideas to this page as they are discovered.

Reference Dimensions for Special Applications

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