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Thumbnuts are knobs fitted with female threaded aluminum inserts or machine tapped plastic threads. 

Try our new Extended Knurled, Tri-lobe and Machine Tapped Thumbnuts.

Available in both inch and metric. Thumbnuts are currently only available in black.

NOTE: 1/4-20, 1/4-28 and M6X1.0 Extended Knurled Thumbnuts with aluminum threaded inserts have a thread length of 0.256″/6.5mm.

Knurled Thumbnut Dimensions
Knurled Aluminum Thread
Rosette Nut Dimensions
Rosette Plastic Thread
Tri-Lobe Nut Dimensions
Tri-Lobe Aluminum Thread
Knurled Extended Thumbnut Insert Dimensions
Knurled Extended Aluminum Thread
Knurled Thumbnut PT Dimensions
Knurled Extended Plastic Thread
Ball Knob Plastic Thread

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